Next Haunt 2014 is Over. Thanks for playing! Stay spooo000oooky.

Next Haunt

A Next House Escape the Room Challenge

You've got 20 minutes to escape a haunted room full of mysteries, puzzles, ghostly tales, and death around every corner. Can you and your 5 closest friends solve the challenge and escape with your lives?


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ARRIVE 10 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME. Please wait in the TFL TV area on the First Floor. We will come get you when it is your time.


- We will not be allowing cameras/any electronic devices inside. We will have a bin outside to store any belongings
- Please wear some sort of footwear. (no barefoot. Shirts/pants required).
- You may get a little bit of zombie blood on you. This should wash out, but please don't wear your favorite tuxedo.


- You will have 20 minutes to escape the house
- Puzzles are solvable. Nothing requires brute force
- Once the zombie touches you, you are paralyzed. You can talk, but you cannot move. You must sit.
- Nothing requires you to reach on the ceiling
- Do not tamper with wires/cables/light bulbs
- Do not tamper with the fire extinguisher. That is there for your safety.
- Do not jump/sit/stand on the furniture
- Do not run in the room
- Do not abuse our zombies. We love them. They love you (maybe in a different way)

Questions? Help? Anything? [email protected]