Your Spooky Prod Staff

Producer: James Drayton, John Adeyeye

Assistant Producer: Mary Dahl, Bill Pinney

Art Director: Sanzeed Anwar

Build Director: Meghana Vemulapalli

Assistant Build: Dillon Zhang

Puzzle Direcctors: Katie Henshaw, Belinda Shi

Costumes: The Cooler Bill Pinney

Makeup: Jiayi Dong

Sound: Zach Obsniuk

Webmaster: Kendall Garner

Publicity: Mulan Jiang

Puzzle team:
Elton Zhou
Jeremy Sogo
Miles Dai
Zoe Sheill

Contact Us

To contact exec/questions about signups next-haunt-prod [at] mit [dot] edu

For questions/comments about the website or signups haunt-webmaster [at] mit [dot] edu